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Choosing the Right Photographer

I know that you have a lot of choices when it comes to hiring a photographer, and I want you to feel good about your decision if you choose to book me. I take pride in not only knowing my craft from a technical and creative perspective, but also in my ability to make clients comfortable and bring out their personality in order to deliver images that are authentic, real, and show their best true selves.

I also believe that while digital files are important, families (and future generations!) needs tangible photographs and albums that will last a lifetime. I select the best labs in the industry to produce prints and products for my clients.  I don’t want to think that all you left this experience with is a digital file download — because I KNOW how busy life is and sometimes it is just plain hard to get around to printing them.

I am a professional who has spent years honing my craft and continue to grow and and learn through working with mentors/other photographers, continuing education, practice, and creative exploration. I am active in local and regional photography groups and regularly network with others in the industry. I own a full suite of professional gear (and back-up gear), along with the most current editing software.  I am a legal, tax-paying, and fully insured small business and this is my full time job.

Most importantly, I want your experience with me to be the most positive one you could possibly have with a photographer. I genuinely feel that my clients are almost instantly at ease with me, and I promise you will have fun!  I want to get to know you and your family and I’d love to develop a partnership with you so that we can work together to document your family now and in the future.